4-5 November 2013 journal spread


Final version of my journal spread
Acrylic paint, India ink, & gold leafing on hot-press WC paper
4-5 November 2013

I enjoyed doing this two-day spread enough that I wanted to document how I went about it, because there was more involved than usual for me.

First I began using a palette knife to spread first Daniel Smith’s Quinacridone Gold (tube) and then Golden Anthraquinone Blue (tube). I used the tip of the palette knife to scratch back into the paint and also periodically used bubble wrap to remove a little of the paint. I also used a small amount of Daniel Smith Lapis Lazuli (tube).


I then squeezed some dollops of Golden Permanent Violet Dark (fluid) and moved that around with a comb. (I intended to do this with Ultramarine Blue as well except that it had mysteriously dried up in my bottle.)


After that I used a sea sponge to lay a wash of Golden Naples Yellow Hue (fluid) over the entire spread. A wash of Transparent Red Iron Oxide followed, and then some Phthalo Blue (Red Shade) was added along the borders.


Finally I used a flat bristle brush to add some Interference Blue (Fine) and some Interference Gold (Fine).


The wording and circles were done with India ink and a large bamboo dip pen.



The next day I had a brilliant idea (while in the shower, of course–where else?). First I took 91% isopropyl alcohol and, with a wad of paper towel, scrubbed away at various areas on the pages to reveal the glowing colors underneath the darker layers.



When I was satisfied with that–it is almost a stained glass effect in person but the luminosity doesn’t come through so well in photographs–I used an adhesive pen to trace over the word and then applied bits of leafing.


Once all the excess was burnished off and returned to my container, I sealed it with Mona Lisa sealant.


It still wasn’t quite enough, however, so I used a ruler to add a border with a gold leafing pen.


Finally I added gold along the edges of the spread as well.  I must be feeling the holiday season approaching :-).


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