Handmade 3-signature book

IMG_3514Doing some things differently this year and getting a lot more done because of it . . . on the first day of 2015, I used Tim Holtz’s Tag of the Month to create a book cover.  I didn’t think things through fully because I wanted to complete it within a day, so when it came time to make signatures I couldn’t do what I had been hoping to do.  But overall I am happy with the completed book and especially pleased with the cover.

Selecting the words to use was a meaningful activity on the first day of a new year.  It would be equally as meaningful to do on a birthday, or an anniversary of an important event, or even just because it’s Tuesday.  Any day is as meaningful as we choose to make it.

IMG_3516 IMG_3517 IMG_3515

One of my Christmas presents was the Keith Smith book on one-, two-, and three-section sewings.  I tried to use one of his patterns here but wasn’t terribly successful.  The piercings don’t show up in fabric!  At least not in this one.  I poked all those little holes and then couldn’t find any of them.  I just had to eyeball it when sewing the signatures in, which is why the spine looks a little wonky.


But I got them in and they are in the right place, aligned along the top & bottom . . . it looks right when the book is open, so I am not bothered.

IMG_3569 IMG_3570

The section covers are from paper placemats that Whole Foods was selling during the holiday season (pads of 20, I believe).  I didn’t have any plans to use paper on my holiday table but had a feeling I might find another use for them.  Sure enough I did.

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