Encaustic Mindfullness Woman

Just finished a very interesting LifeBook 2013 lesson. Techniques included drawing a face that is looking down, image transfer using acrylic gel medium, and using wax for effect.

I loved my woman when I first drew her–and still do–but after looking at her for a couple of days, I realized that I’d actually done kind of a Picasso thing with her eyes–one big and more forwards than the other one. If I’d intended to do that I’d have been pleased, but not having set out to achieve that I was . . . not so pleased.



The coloring & shading of the face & neck I am still happy with, and I also like the way her chest ended up once the image transfer was done and the encaustic wax medium added over that. There is a luminosity in the actual piece (don’t think it comes through so much in a photo) that is quite beautiful.


Using encaustic around the sides (and over the background collage) was interesting but a little too messy for my taste, I think. That said, I like the 3D result! Perhaps next time I would do it all with clear encaustic and add color with something else (oil pastel) for a more subtle effect.


Close-up detail of encaustic wax applied in upper right of page

The thing on her head didn’t turn out so well, poor girl. I did my best to save it by adding vintage sparkle over it, but . . . meh.

I have some Strathmore mixed media pre-cut boards that I think I will use to do one that I might like to frame. For most of the morning I have been wondering what to do with the background, not wanting to leave it white, and I think I will try acrylic ink pours with very light colors. Not sure yet about the transfer into the body–tried again this morning in my journal and still didn’t have much luck–too much paper residue left behind, but rubbing it off removes the gel itself and ruins the transfer. I watched a couple of Golden videos on transfers and will try again, this time coating both the substrate and the paper with fluid matte medium before “marrying” them together. I would really like to be able to achieve satisfactory results with transfers!


(Note to myself re colors used: hair–gold, chestnut, Indian red Neocolor IIs, vandyke brown, brown, and yellow ochre Craypas oil pastels; face–salmon, pink, and light grey Neocolor IIs along with graphite; lips–raspberry and crimson lake Prismacolor Premier colored pencils; body–flesh, apricot, turquoise, turquoise blue, azurite blue, and middle cobalt blue hue Neocolor IIs; encaustic wax medium along with sepia, terracotta, and golden brown encaustic wax)

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