Reference for Creative Jump Start 2013


In January of this year I participated in Creative Jump Start 2013, which was great fun.  It is organized and run by Nathalie Kalbach–and it’s FREE to participate in (although donations are certainly accepted).  Every day in January a video lesson was posted showing three different ways to use a technique, medium, or tool.  Every day!  The videos were short, most about nine to ten minutes long, and the ideas and demonstrations were all of the highest quality.  But being free, there was no supporting documentation created, and the videos would remain up on the web site only until the end of June 2013.

I decided these were too good to let them disappear into the atmosphere, so I spent some time this last week going back through every video, making notes about what the presenter did (Nathalie herself did about a third of the videos and the rest were by guests such as Dina Wakley, Claudine Hellmuth, Joe Rotella, etc.) and ideas about how to use the techniques shown.


Where I could I also grabbed an image as a visual reminder of what the artist had done.

I wanted to print this out on kraft paper and have it be like a perfect-bound book–single sheets printed on both sides.  Sadly I could not figure out how to do this in a timeframe acceptable to me, so I printed just the title page on kraft and the rest on my regular printer paper (24 lb.)–and every other spread is blank.  Ah well.

My guillotine cut the pages down to the size of the 7gypsies book covers I had lying around for just such a purpose as this, and my Cinch 2 made short work of hole punching and binding.  And I am very pleased to have this handy little reference book!

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