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Lately I am finding that I am drawn to the look of wet-on-wet color.  Doesn’t matter whether it’s acrylic ink, India ink, or fluid acrylics.  The blending & interactions are fascinating to see occur before my eyes.  I do have a hard time putting anything on top of it though–I think it’s so beautiful all by itself!


On the 24th I used lots of different media–FW acrylic inks, Liquitex spray paints, Silks acrylic glaze–and only at the end added the images of the seahorses and the hot air balloons with archival ink before spattering some of the pearlescent acrylic ink over the darker areas to finish it off.  


One of my favorite parts of this page are the shadows I got on the stars from spraying over them first with transparent black and then with a color.  (The shadow was unintentional, which is probably why I liked it so much.)




To clean the ink off the balloon image, I stamped it repeatedly on the next day’s page so that instead of ending with an image I would be starting with one.  I also spattered my leftover pearlescent acrylic ink over the images, thinking they would probably resist whatever I put over them. 


And they did–today I used india inks.  I like the idea of the balloons moving up through these beautifully colored wisps of clouds, rising up and up, partially obscured here and there but then coming clear again.





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