LifeBook Week 10: Heart Connections

20130313-231800.jpgTonight I finished my week 10 project for Life Book 2013. I won’t talk about it much as it is really Tam’s, but I will say that writing the little messages was much more fun and just plain satisfying than I had anticipated.


I love the dimensional aspect of the heart and the little jute strings and ribbons used to tie the scrolls together.


Most of all I love what was my own addition to the project: interference gold (coarse) (Golden heavy body acrylics). I dry-brushed it over the heart, the blue acrylic outline, and bits of the background.


Pictures don’t do it justice, sadly, but sitting here in my new workspace I am delighted.



(I am sorry about the different image sizes–I guess I don’t fully understand WordPress yet!)

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