Playing with Texture

Finally tried out one of those tools that is “supposed” to make one’s life easier.  The Sew Easy from WeRMemoryKeepers is aimed at scrapbooks and cardmakers, but I can’t see how they’d use it without ending up jumping up and down on the thing and then tossing the little broken pieces into the trash can with vigor.  It won’t pierce heavy card stock well, and on thinner paper there’s no way not to make indentations in the paper with the tool. If you press more lightly, then the holes don’t get pierced.

Furthermore, it’s practically impossible to make it go in a straight line.  You would have to use it on a bunch of scrap paper until you got it right, and then add that as a separate element to whatever you were doing.  There is no way I could use that and remain sane.

However . . .


Paper pierced with a Sew Easy tool

When I realized it was going to be worthless for its stated purpose, I then just let it go all over the paper, in multiple directions.  And I loved the result!  What a fabulous way to get a nubbly texture in about 15 seconds.

I used 3 strands of embroidery floss and randomly stitched a star into some of the pierced holes.

Pierced sewn paper collaged onto a journal page and painted

I added some random stitching to some of the holes and collaged it into my journal with soft gel medium.  Then I slathered on some Green Gold, Viridian Green Hue, and Quinacridone Red paint (Golden).  Love the way the paint got picked up on the thread and around the bumps on the paper, and I really like the juxtaposition of the pierced paper, the torn edge, and the smooth vellum finish on the journal page.

I also fixed my trees from the last post.  They needed more and I decided the back ones should be darker, so I went back in with the Graphitints and a water brush.  Much better now.

Neocolor II sky . . . everything else is done with Derwent water-soluble Graphitint pencils

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