Thinking of tall trees

Die-cut trees against a Gelli monoprint sky. The snow on the trees glistens, and the sky has a subtle shimmer to it that doesn’t come through in the photo.

I have had trees on the mind lately and love to include them in my holiday cards. I don’t know what it is about forests but they feel quite magical to me. Maybe because there is still a little part of me that hopes there really are wood spirits and dryads that materialize when we’re not looking. I would have done very well in a culture with an animist religion!


Trees and the moon in my journal

I tried drawing some in my journal–also inspired by this very bright full moon we have right now. Great for Samhain night! I used Neocolor IIs for the sky and Derwent Graphitint pencils (similar to watercolor pencils except they are tinted graphite) for everything else. They look pretty ordinary to me but it was sure fun to draw them.

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