Week 2 of Traci Bautista’s Strathmore workshop

This time I did my first go in the Strathmore Visual Journal (9×12″, Bristol) before moving on to the 18×24″ Strathmore Mixed Media paper.

For both pieces I used the following:
tube watercolors–Royal Talens ArtCreation (Cobalt Blue, Violet, Scarlet, and Vermilion)
watercolor crayons–Caran d’Ache (Sapphire Blue, Turquoise)
watercolor pencils–Derwent (Ultramarine)
liquid watercolor spray–StampZia Chroma Spray (Cherry)
acrylic ink–Daler Rowney FW (Process Magenta)
acrylic paint–Golden Fluid Acrylics (Titanium White)
gel sticks–Faber-Castell

When I did the second side of the Mixed Media paper, I switched to the new SoHo tube watercolors from Jerry’s Artarama: alizarin crimson, permanent rose, cobalt blue, and then I tried to make a violet by mixing some cadmium red into the cobalt blue. Actually that did not work so well! I ended up using ultramarine blue with cadmium red. Also used a bit of New Gamboge Yellow.

Of course, I was so excited to have some time to myself this afternoon (on a Sunday when the family is home!!) that I cut up the 18×24″ mixed media sheet before taking pictures of the second side.  Duh.  But I don’t think that matters, now that I write about it, because the whole point of the exercise was to decorate a whole sheet at once that was going to get cut up into smaller pieces.  Well I tell you, what I got out of this single sheet was amazing.  Got the Vagabond up & running and cut the following:

four baroque shapes for a mini-book (later cut covers out of white presentation board) attached with book rings . . .

some large tags . . .

some regular rectangles that I can use as either card panels or book pages . . .

and with the leftovers I also cut a small tag, a couple of reinforcements, a little picture tab, and many, many inchies!

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