Finding my way

I find that I can’t do much in the summer when the kids are off of school, nor can I do much exploration when at my parents’ (I was there nearly a month this time), but I have found time to make some baby steps towards finding out what I have to say rather than frantically absorbing techniques and tutorials and then not knowing how to make them mine.  This has become an intensely personal process of discovery and frankly one that has not been terribly comfortable–but if not now, when–right?  So I have persevered, at a slower pace than I might wish, but a realistic one given the circumstances (children ages 7 and 12).

I am making good progress writing a little something every day.  I found a great–free–app for the iPhone called Momento, and it has allowed me to meet that goal.

I am taking the advice I would give to someone else:  identify my long-term goals (if I even have any–just playing is a perfectly valid choice) and then figure out how to manage my short-term and mid-term time to achieve them.  Using the Weekly Shaper tool has really helped me be realistic about what I can accomplish over the space of a week or two, and I love the way it divides the day into three sections.  Simple but very effective.

Hopefully I will find something that lets me add pics from my iPhone.  When I can do that, without the hassle of hooking my camera up to the computer and transferring images, running them thru Photoshop, importing them into Blogger, I think I will be a lot more likely to blog again.

But I am very clear now about why I am blogging.  It is for me to document what I am accomplishing and what I am trying.  Looking back on entries from months and years ago is beneficial and rewarding.  I am not expecting Followers or commenters or even making friends.  That’s nice, of course, but not my expectation.  That way I cannot be disappointed.

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