pay it forward~

Through stealing a quick moment to peek at Lisa Wright’s blog with the intriguing title of “pay it forward”, I was led to this beautiful post at ~serendipity~: pay it forward~.
I decided, what better time to jump right in and play with others? Please leave a comment and repost the entry on your own blog to receive something (I have no idea what but will certainly think of something!) handmade by yours truly.
Have a wonderful day!

About Elizabeth Ann's Studio

Artist. Musician. Mother. Wife. Me.
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1 Response to pay it forward~

  1. faerwillow says:

    ~good morning…i know this is long over due but i have not forgotten! could you ever so kindly email me your full mailing address so i can get something off in the mail to you…it will be sometime in january, i know i wasn't able to uphold the cut off but hey better late than never. i hope you had a wonderful holiday and best wishes in the new year

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