Semi-stalled but still doing things

My time has been very productively spent doing both arty things and practical things–still cleaning up the house and our stuff from the holidays, and reorganizing my supplies to better accommodate all the crap (excuse me, valuable materials!) I’ve acquired over the last year and to facilitate the things I want to focus on for the next few months . . . book-making and journaling.  So I haven’t posted anything because I don’t want to take the time to take pics, upload them, edit . . . next thing I know an hour’s gone by that I really needed to be doing something else.  But I think this week should see the end of that and I can get back to a more regular schedule.

Part of my problem moving forwards is that I apparently haven’t fully committed to a decision about how to  put in the pockets to hold the tags/slips of paper that I jot down my ideas on.  Do I use library pockets with an extra accordion fold to hold plenty of tags?  Or just a little envelope?  And what size tags do I want to use anyway?  I was thinking of making the holders/envelopes out of Graphic 45 paper–am I going to want to do something to more fully incorporate that paper in with the hand-painted papers I used for the book pages?  And if so, what is that going to be?  (I did get some Glimmer Screens and an enormous Tattered Angels dragonfly stamp today with my Archiver’s coupons with the thought that might be part of the solution.)  
As you can see, there’s plenty whirling around in my head at the moment.  I feel sure that within the next few days, I’ll realize what the answer is and get it sorted.  And here I thought sewing the book was going to be the toughest part!
In the meantime, I have gone through all my supplies/materials and reorganized between my public space in the dining room and the overflow space in our utility room; made thank-you cards using my new sewing machine for our English family that we can all sign and send off this week (it’s not too late as long as they arrive before the end of January, right??); installed Photoshop Elements 9; done some experimenting with the masks and various sprays that I have; continued to mess around with the 1st workshop of Pam Carriker’s through Strathmore online; and generally felt that I am getting my life in order so that I am free to devote some hours to these pursuits without any guilt whatsoever.  It’s all good here!

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