Activities over Thanksgiving week

Must admit I am tired tonight, but a very good kind of tired.  It was lovely to have my parents here and to host Thanksgiving dinner, but goodness I never seem to get a chance to really take a moment and just chill.  The first two days when the kids were still in school I did manage to find some time to work on a few journal pages, and then this afternoon when my daughter was at a birthday party, I went to a coffeehouse and did some more.

One beautiful thing that happened the week prior to Thanksgiving is that my cousin, who lives about 15 minutes away from me, had her third daughter.  I got to hold her from the time she was 10 hours old until she was 12 hours old–nearly made me want a third one of my own!  Such sweet little warm bundles.  The parents loved having her at the birthing center (same place I had my daughter and they had their second one as well) as they were back home within nine hours of her birth.

These are activities from Liz Lamoreux’s new book Inner Excavations that I won from Shona Cole’s recent giveaway.  I had tremendous fun doing them.

After reading much encouragement from so many different books, and from having fun playing on the mini Buddha board that my mom got for our house this last week, I am determined to try to learn to draw, at least a little bit.  This afternoon I used my new charcoal pencils and drew a tree and a face.  I feel that they are recognizable as such and therefore a success!

Others are just works in progress–although “work” is a grandiose title that’s perhaps not quite warranted here.  Last week I used my recent Groupon for Jerry’s Artaram and got a small bottle of Liquitex gesso for my portable art bag, so today I experimented with taping off a portion of a page with artist’s tape, then gessoing & painting the page before removing the tape.

I will say that I am having huge rewarding pleasure doing these and finding that though I have no idea what’s coming, the process allows me to do things that simply wouldn’t happen if I were doing a Project or making a Gift, if you know what I mean.

I hope everyone else had a wonderful week, whether it was Thanksgiving for you or not!

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