Progress on Holiday Cards

Today I made good progress on getting my holiday cards finished and photographed so I can post them up to my site.

They aren’t really for anyone else to buy, but some of my family like to purchase handmade cards from me for their own friends, and using a site makes it easy for everyone (I use a free site at  I still haven’t figured out exactly how I want to approach making holiday cards (generally the only really “crafty” thing I do in the year), but I did manage to stay consistent by having the entire process take about five times longer than planned.  I’ve been working on these since the second week of August!  I have learned a lot of new techniques and gotten some great ideas for book covers; it’s definitely not wasted time.

Even when I was in high school, I loved selecting and sending holiday cards.  I used to write long-winded messages to my friends full of very sincere and probably now highly embarrassing thoughts in my cards, as I felt it was a time to say all those things that one felt throughout the year but never quite had the guts to say out loud.  I guess I’ve come full circle, because now I have plenty of things in my head that I have no intention of saying out loud!  But I still like making holiday cards.

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