Holiday Bottle Caps

This summer I started drinking mineral water (couldn’t stand the stuff before, but suddenly it appeals to me), and I found myself compelled to keep the bottle caps.  It seemed such a waste to throw them away.  So I gave in to the compulsion and figured if I didn’t do anything with them after a while, then I’d get rid of them, but I’d give it a chance first.

So last weekend I got a really rotten cold (of course when my husband was away on a business trip, so the kids had to put up with their mom feeling awful), and on the second day when I was beginning to recover, I figured what better to do than bang on some bottle caps with a hammer?  Turns out it’s pretty easy to get them into a pleasing shape and also kinda fun.

Then I discovered that even with all the things I have, I lacked a 1″ circle punch.  Now that situation is remedied, and with some Graphic 45 paper and a little Glossy Accents, I have some great holiday embellishments!  I may use some on cards, but I’m also thinking that for anyone who buys cards from me, I could wrap the cards up in tissue paper, tie a ribbon around the package, and glue a bottle cap onto the ribbon.  A nice presentation can make people feel their money was well spent, and makes them feel special into the bargain.

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1 Response to Holiday Bottle Caps

  1. WOW I love the little vintage bottles, so beautiful amages.Hugs Anja

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