Life as Geometry: Shorts Book with Origami Pocket Envelope

Too much fun! While my son had his fencing lesson next door, I sat in an empty classroom and made a little book. Following Alisa Golden’s excellent instructions in Expressive Handmade Books, I made a little Shorts Book out of notebook paper and colored a rainbow spiral on it (I could definitely see that making this with double-sided paper would be very attractive indeed).

Then at home this evening while watching the Tour de France (taped from this morning), I quickly wrote a few silly lines about circles and got enough for the four pages of the book. Took just a few minutes to write them in, and then about another five to cut a strip of paper from an oversized art calendar that my aunt Margaret gave me and fold an easy pocket to hold the book. I love it! Ms. Golden’s folding instructions and accompanying diagrams never got me lost, and as I am quite spatially challenged, that’s a feat worth mentioning.

The book style is preferable to the instant book I did earlier; the page thickness doesn’t get in the way. Or perhaps that’s because I was using such thin paper? I’ll have to double-check that with thicker paper when I do one with more thought.

Running up a quick prototype–as that’s what I viewed this as–was extremely useful. It will be a great example to show one’s students why one needs guidelines on the paper for writing, it helped me decide which style of writing worked best within the book and with the words chosen, and I realized that I really needed to treat the facing pages as one long spread rather than separate pages (which would be my preference).

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