Back from Vacation

Today the kids and I got back into town from a wonderful couple of weeks spent at my parents’ place in rural Kansas. It is always a restorative trip for me and the children too. I never do get much time to actually do things of my own, so I have learned not to lug along a whole lot of stuff thinking I’m going to get to play more than at home, but I think the enforced break is a good thing. There is also usually a visit to either the Utrecht store or Creative Coldsnow‘s Westport location, both in Kansas City. I was quite pleased this visit to find the Golden Van Dyck Brown in fluid acrylics there, which I have been looking for–I know I could order it online, but it’s just so much more fun to pick it up in a store and walk out with it.

As I said, I didn’t get to play with actual materials much, but I did manage to find some time here and there to do some of the projects in Susan Tuttle’s book Digital Expressions; the images with this blog post are a couple of the results. The building is the one-room schoolhouse that my grandfather attended as a boy; it’s just down the road from my parents’ farm. The other abstract image was lots of fun to play with, and there were no brushes to wash up afterwards!

I did spend some time thinking about what I want to do over the next few months and realized that I don’t have any free time if I do everything. One decision I need to make is whether to sell any holiday cards this year. If I do, I need to get cracking on those, get them posted up on my shop site, and fulfill the orders pronto. I also have to decide if I’m really going to offer an after-school book arts class at my son’s school in the fall. (I offered it halfway through the spring but it didn’t make.) That’s going to take some work to pull together as well.

Other projects in my pipeline are doing something with the painted papers I did before leaving on vacation and finishing the Renaissance triptych book that’s been lurking for some time now. I also saw something in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors (I think) that I would like to send in an entry for–a book limited to no more than 6×6″, if I remember correctly.

I was also contemplating what to do with the 7gypsies printer’s tray I got recently (shame to let those Archiver’s coupons go to waste, even if I don’t know what I’m going to do with something yet), and I thought it might be fun to do some of the ideas from Mixed Media Self-Portraits and do one in each tray. That’s a pretty large undertaking–unless I purposely made myself do it in time limitations. Guess it depends on why I decide to do the project–practice doing instead of thinking, or really delve into the self-portrait concept . . .

And on top of all those things, I forgot to mention that I wish to finish the projects in the online Complex Collage class that Julie Prichard & Chris Cozen are offering . . .

Much to think about, and much to do!

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