Acrylic Skins for Weaving

Tonight I prepared some acrylic skins to use in demonstrations for my upcoming Book Arts Introductory at my son’s school (if it makes!). I made a fiber skin (using Liquitex Blended Fibers; Jerry’s Artarama didn’t have the Golden version in stock) as well as three fluid acrylics skins (Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna, and Burnt Umber Light, all Golden). My plan is to cut up the colored skins and weave them together as a cover ornamentation, which is an idea I got from the Woven Ticket book in Re-bound.

All the skins are done on sheets of glass that I got at the local hardware store.

So these can dry until Monday morning, as I don’t think I’ll get a chance to do anything again until then. It will be interesting to see if I can, in fact, weave them together. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll do with the fiber paste skin. Might turn it into a small book, as I bet I could get a decent signature out of them, and use them as pages, or use as a front cover for a larger book.

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