Questions from Pam Carriker’s blog, 14 May 2009

I love this lady’s blog and her artwork and have really enjoyed reading her thoughts and musings. It has opened up new pathways for me and encouraged me to think about things in ways that I’m not sure would have ever occurred to me if left on my own.

In her 14 May 2009 blog entry, she lists these questions and challenges her readers to answer them for themselves (which is why I feel it’s okay to list the questions and post my answers in this blog). Here goes!

Developing Your Own Voice

What are your 3 favorite colors?
Blue. Purple. Green.

What kind of architecture do you like?
This is tough–much easier to say what I don’t like, which is the classic Greek style with the symmetry. Ugh. But otherwise I like everything from English cottages with thatched roofs to urban brownstones to ranch-style houses to castles. I also don’t care much for things that look too modern in terms of building materials; I like the houses with limestone exteriors, an organic warm feeling. I very much like buildings that let in lots of natural light.

What 3 words describe your personality?

Self-restricted. Nurturing. Accommodating.

What is your favorite animal?

What do you collect?
Blank books. Kitchen items, especially serving. Miniatures. Books with nice covers.

What is your favorite season?
This one is also unanswerable. I like them all. Over the last few years I have come to really like winter because it’s fun to wear warm clothes and snuggle up with blankets (I live in Central Texas, so this is a novelty). But I also love spring when everything leafs out, I love those fresh crisp breezes in the fall after the six-month-long baking summer here, and I love the summer and the sound of the crickets/locusts in the trees in the blazing afternoon heat–everything lazy, languid, and laid-back.

Name your favorite icons.
Now I know I’ve answered this, probably about a month ago. It will be fun to compare my answers later . . . I don’t really have any icons.

What are your favorite mediums?
I am not sure I’m experienced enough to have an answer for this yet. Right now I’m at the point where I recognize that different mediums do different things, so I guess my favorite is whatever works for what I want to accomplish!

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