More Introspection

I feel I’m embarking upon a journey–again. These last few months have been so frustrating with everything that has gone on to get the house ready to put on the market and keep it ready to show. I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to do some experimenting that I wouldn’t otherwise do, but instead it feels like I packed up my creativity along with all my supplies in the cardboard boxes that are sitting out in the garage. Turns out, I guess, that I’m one of those people who has to immerse oneself, surround myself, with items, supplies, pictures, to begin. Part of what I have been thinking about the last few weeks is being okay with that. It is simply the way I am–I need to physically see the things around me. Okay.

Here are my answers to the questions on page 18 of Taking Flight, by Kelly Rae Roberts. She definitely says things in this book that I need to hear right now, and I am grateful to her for the effort that went into the creation of it.

In the depths of my heart, creative dreams are calling me to take notice. They are:
Bookmaking. I always said that all the cards I made in the year 2007 were like a workshop, gathering techniques and trying stuff out, but I was never interested in cardmaking for its own sake–I wanted the techniques to use in other things, like book covers. My imagination has grown a bit since then, but I would still like to make some books. Even just blank books for others to use would be just fine with me.

Very interested in continuing to explore the 3D mixed media world. Not sure what it holds for me, but I’m curious. I like making things that people can touch, examine closely, hold up to the light and see what reveals itself. Also want to pursue more things made on glass–that has a strong pull for me.

The one thing I never thought I could do is:
This is very easy–anything at all artistic. Never ever ever.

Here’s how I can make a plan to do it:
Pledge to myself to write something or draw something every day. Doesn’t have to be original–might be taking ten minutes to trace a calligraphy alphabet to help my hand get accustomed to the movements. But something, anything.

Who in my life has passion? What questions could I ask her/him about her/his story?
I could ask my friend A. more than I have about how she thinks about what she does and why she does it. I know why she does arty things rather than writing, but that’s a different question than why she does arty things, period.

Could ask a family friend who is a painter. What would I ask? I guess all my questions seem to come back to how did she, or anyone, have the courage to do it and put it out there. But I think I already know the answer there. You just do it.

I feel most inspired when:
I am surrounded by images or objects that speak to me. I need that physical presence to envelop me and support me. It also helps, of course, to not have a deadline looming (must leave to pick up kids from school) or other obligations that come before this wonderful indulgence. Yes, it is apparently a need, but I do know it’s an indulgence. Plenty of women do not have the luxury of time to play or even think about this stuff, nor do they have the financial ability to gather supplies. I am lucky.

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