What is "Truth"?

So, A. has selected “truth” as this month’s topic, and I may need to work quickly since we are halfway through April.

How does one illustrate truth? Or make a piece representing it? Could do a mirror with decorative mosaic edge. Ooh, could do a mobile with lots of glass tiles and miniature mirrors, because often truth requires finding little bits of it here and there and then piecing it together. Or along the same lines, do a puzzle (ornamental), perhaps with one piece left to put it. I am liking these ideas . . .

Let’s see if I can come up with some that don’t involve mirrors. Is truth something that blazes out at you, grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you, saying, “Here I am and you cannot ignore me!”? Or is it something quieter, that steals into your being and makes itself known over a period of time? As always, my question too is this: what color is truth? I don’t think it’s one of the primary colors–not subtle enough, not enough depth. Perhaps a blue, but why? Because of the blue in the sky, the blue of the water? Definitely not purple. Hmm, and I just contradicted myself, didn’t I, since blue is a primary color. I guess I am thinking of a different kind of blue, one with clarity and depth, one with translucence.

Next thing I’ll go looking for quotes again. I haven’t yet used one, but I enjoy the thinking that comes along with finding them.

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1 Response to What is "Truth"?

  1. Anthony says:

    I think the colour of truth is orange, but I think the colour you are searching for is azure, a mix of blue and cyan, and the complementary of orange.

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