March Challenge Topics

It’s my turn to come up with a topic for next month’s challenge, and I think I am getting a good list together. It’s a little harder since I want to find something that I can produce a finished piece on even with the limitations of our current housing situation (primarily that all my stuff is packed away in the garage in preparation for putting our house on the market!), but I don’t want to do another month with me just bringing in sketches and ideas and nothing done.

So far this is what I’ve got:
transfer [technique challenge]
writing [incorporate somehow into final piece]
complementary colors on color wheel
tile [give everyone one to do or use however they wish]
mini canvas + easel

As I look at these, I think that faery is the one most appealing at the moment. It’s whimsical, could easily be given many different interpretations, could go into literature for inspiration (A Midsummer Night’s Dream!) . . . not sure how I could execute on it but it ought to be doable even with limited tools.

We’ll see what else pops into my head over the next week . . .

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