Turning out the Christmas Cards

I’ve been consumed the last month or so working on Xmas cards. Am trying to be healthier about it than last year, and thus am enjoying the whole process more and not driving myself nuts by taking all the fun out of it. Some card designs I’ve made ten of and others only one, and you know what–that’s no big deal! Last year I required myself to make five to six of each design, but then I also was following directions for each different one then, and this year I’m trying to stick with what I’ve been doing lately and just seeing what develops. It’s still hard, but I’m having fun, and what I’m producing is okay even though I didn’t know how it was going to end up when I began.

Lately I’ve been going over the Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas from both 2007 and 2008 obsessively, trying to hone in on techniques that I can and want to use. I loved his Day 8 tag from last year and made a bunch of those this year. Then I wasn’t sure what to do with them so set them aside for a few days. Finally I thought of using some of the really twee paper I had from a Christmas paper collection I’d bought my first year when I didn’t know any better, cutting a panel to use as background, and sanding it to get the right distressed look to tie everything together plus obscure the tweeness of the paper at the same time. Doing that turned some of the most boring paper into some of my favorite! I love love love the sanded-paper look and want to go around sanding everything now.

Also pleased with myself because I figured out how to put the tag on the card so that it could be easily removed to use as a bookmark (as per a friend’s request who wanted to buy some from me). You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find directions to do such a thing! I found plenty of entries for crafters selling cards with removable bookmarks, but some were perforated and the rest didn’t share how they’d accomplished such a thing. For this novice that was a little discouraging. So I’m telling what I did to create a removable tag on a card:
–decided where on the card I wanted the tag to lay
–placed a strip of double-sided tape ON THE CARD (not the tag) where the tag should go
–placed a slightly larger strip of removable tape on top of the double-sided strip, with the removable tape sticky-side UP
Then the tag can be placed on the strip of removable tape and pulled off at will. Really not so hard, but boy was I pleased with myself to come up with that! (Full confession: the first time I placed the tape strips on the back of the tag rather than on the card. Ah well.)

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