More thoughts on harmony; "magic" challenge

Harmony could be as simple as showing opposites that come together. It’s things that are in tune with each other (there’s that auditory component again!), or that complement each other. It’s a feeling of rightness of place, that things are as they are supposed to be. Maybe I could do something with the Arched Glass stamp? That conveys a feeling of harmony.

Now, for my thoughts on the “magic” challenge. I decided that I want to do a book, and I think it will be an accordion book so that it will fall open like a pack of cards. There are two kinds of magic–the magician’s kind, where things appear that weren’t there before, or that were there and then disappear on a second look, and the “real” magic that transforms things, that brings a sense of wonder and awe and amazement, the beautiful things that seem too good to be true and thus we call them “magical”. I guess there’s a third kind, the magick of witches and wizards, potions and spells, fairies and elves.

I’d like to mix all of these things into one. The book will have seven panels joined together with something flexible (maybe tied onto skewers?), so that if I want to, one side could read “MAGIC” using the middle five panels, and then that would give me one additional panel at both the start and end to decorate.

Possible things to use: the frozen opals from Suze Weinberg’s store. Glamour Dust. Holographic embossing powder. Pop-up or covered items. Watermarks.

A few hours later:
I Googled “magic” and took a look at the Wikipedia entry, and I came across an intriguing idea. It’s a little more formal than I had been thinking, but it might be a neat challenge in and of itself. In the Renaissance period, there were seven prohibited black arts, which fits in nicely with my idea of having 7 panels in my accordion book. I could use each panel to illustrate a different black art (nigromancy, geomancy, hydromancy, aeromancy, pyromancy, chiromancy, and scapulimancy). That appeals to me . . .

Nigromancy–blackness. Maybe with some image in holographic EP? Skull from Mexican rubber stamp set?
Geomancy–use map, either image transfer or stamp, as background, then something on top.
Hydromancy–maybe build on last month’s water challenge and put some water image behind a glass side (2×2″). That should be flat enough to work in a book format.
Aeromancy–this one is tough. I have a cloud Stampscapes stamp, perhaps work that in somehow.
For pyromancy, it would be neat to draw flames somehow and then put copper foil on them.
Chiromancy is palmistry–good opportunity for an image transfer. Key lines are heart line, head line, life line.
Scapulimancy–this is challenging–divination by way of the shoulder blades. That requires some thought.

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