29 June 2008

I am thinking of suggesting to A. that we do one challenge a week. That might be a bit ambitious, though. Perhaps just for a month? Or lengthen the time to one every two or three weeks, or once a month?

AB p. 49 I love this quote by Stephen DeStaelder: “Artists don’t work until the pain of working is exceeded by the pain of not working.”

AB p. 17 “random ideas and fancies . . . just enjoy the process of creating”

p. 22 me
p. 24 me
zoronaland.blogspot.com keep an eye on this

I find it scary to not have a plan, to not have detailed instructions for a project from beginning to end, to just let things happen as you go along feels like a recipe for disaster, for failure, for producing garbage. Maybe what it is is that I don’t trust myself to come up with something nice?

Frankly the chutzpah of having a blog, of thinking there is anything I have to say that anyone would find useful to hear, is an uncomfortable though. Who do I think I am, pretending to such heights? Yet if I heard a friend say that, I’d be all over it to persuade them otherwise—so why can I not apply that to myself? I am out of the habit of thinking I owe myself anything—everything I do is accompanied by guilt—if I’m playing with art, not baking bread, always the choices. The tradeoffs are tough. It’s strange for me to follow my emotions and instincts—again, scary, this lack of structure and no clear destination.

I’ve always been fascinated by, drawn to, intrigued by . . . maps, collage pictures, children’s illustrations, bare trees (no leaves) . . . but I’ve never followed something to find out where it’s going, not given myself permission to do so, it feels pretentious somehow.

Another thing I’ve always liked are the doodling, intricate patterns—I used to fill up whole pages with them. Can I use that somehow?

Tell A. to look at thepastoraldollmaker.blogspot.com.

Basically, who do I think I am, that I could do something others would like?

Having a blog keeps you accountable, AB p. 80.


NOTE: put RSS on blog

“a surface designer”—yes, AB p. 100
“blogging helps keep connected to myself and to my art”
“the ME that was put away a long time ago, and the one that I am now reclaiming as my own” AB p. 101

Note: AB refers to the summer edition of Artful Blogging.

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