27 June 2008

Tonight I went to my friend A.’s for a pleasant evening of talk and showing our latest creations to each other. I took all the things I mentioned in my last entry, and she showed me how her latest piece has evolved. I could sit and talk all day sharing ideas and suggesting different approaches to things with someone.

She mentioned something that I ended up doing—just smushing the image I’d made of the seashells into the embossing paste before it dried. I hadn’t thought of that, although that’s what she thought I was saying, but I liked it a lot so I did it tonight when I used her brass stencil to make four shadow squares. Then I think when it dries, I’ll use Diamond Glaze to adhere the square + seashell image to a slide, then I can edge that with a Krylon pen, fasten them in a vertical line with beads, and Bob’s your uncle and the thing’s done.

One thing I am finding about this blog is that it’s the most positive experience I’ve ever had with keeping a diary or journal. It’s all positive and full of hope, opportunity, potential—others have always been outlets for negative emotions, but this is curiously uplifting.

Something else to add to my likes list: the way color gets refracted (wrong word?) through facets. I guess just facets themselves are neat; there’s a vague vision of an Escher print involving facets. I’ve always liked the drawings in science books of a single stream of light going into a prism and coming out the other side in 7 different bands of color that fan outwards. Also the way wine in a Waterford cut-glass wineglass looks, or Scotch in a cutglass cocktail glass. Love the way it’s almost like a mosaic, I guess, in that the image is broken up but tantalizingly still there, so that if you looked at it slyly out of the corner of your eye you could see the thing in its entirety.

Another medium I like—mosaics, tiles. Especially the ones done with tiles that have been cut, so they are similarly sized, and form a picture, or even just an archway or some other decorative element.

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