24 July 2008

Some thoughts for what to do with Danny’s notes before his wedding—try using it in a mint tin assemblage as per CDW p. 85. Could paint the tin chocolate brown and Tiffany blue—try the peeled paint technique for both (pp. 100-1) colors. Use the notes as the liner for the main part of the tin.

Elements could include a key, as the notes are a key to his thinking. Fit some of the ribbon in somehow. Any other things—seed packets, small dried flowers, miniature paddle in honor of the gondola ride (or mini gondola!).

What to put on the cover? A pic of just Danny—have something of Joanna on the inside, since she was on his mind when he wrote those lines on the notepad. Maybe put a marble inside, to highlight or magnify something? Look for a wedding charm for the inner lid, or maybe my wild woman button.

Maybe, on the inside put a film strip length and put mini pictures from the photographer in the spaces. Put in either vertically on either inner lid or tin, or horizontally running across both.

Maybe add one of my little bottles with the wedding date and names in it? Or one of the silver capsule holders. (Paint bottle Tiffany blue glass paint.)

Could cut memo lines in half and extend across both inner lid and tin.

Think about what I’m trying to convey with the piece. As Rita said, it’s a glimpse inside his mind on one of the most special days of his life. Glimpse inside, revealing something hidden, providing insight, looking through or behind a veil (string up a veil that can be pushed aside to reveal the contents. Could do on wire, sew a little bit of tulle (from wedding aisle?). Or look for dollhouse curtain. Possibly a small doll’s bridal veil? Hate to use Barbie, ugh, but something like that.) I could call the piece “Behind the Veil” (not beyond).

Find image/background of brain diagram? Might be too obvious, that.

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