19 July 2008

Woke up this morning ten to five and foolishly went into kitchen for more water. It was so bright I couldn’t go back to sleep properly. Kept having dozy dreams, many of which were about things I want to make.

I’m still thinking about my ocean piece. Saw good idea somewhere in which the artist had used glass pebbles (like my flat-sided marbles I got at the Moon Marble Company) along the ocean bed. Good idea! Could use different sizes and mix of blue, green, clear.

Also had some ideas about those dolphin peel-off stickers I like so much and some ideas for a mixed-media piece on it. I just need to do some of these things and see how they turn out. Anyway, I was thinking of something in an L shape, and then something bridging the space between to represent water, and then the dolphins leaping above the “water”, behind it (use a mesh?), and below it so they are completely underwater.

Not sure what the “L” is made of—two pieces of wood? Two canvases attached somehow? Maybe get sheet of playwood (or big canvas or foamboard) in square or rectangular shape, then fasten canvases onto that for 3D effect. Mesh could go over canvases, and then it’s easy to fasten things behind the canvas onto the backing plywood.

Would like to work into the background images of those old maps with sea monsters lurking in the waves, and images of ships, compasses, maybe constellations in the sky.

Do something to the mesh so it’s shimmery, sparkly, but not too obvious.

Maybe paint warm colors above mesh (on both backing and top of left canvas) as sunset, or if want cooler colors then stick to light blue and clouds. Not a stormy look, though.

Carry what’s done on canvas across to backing board too. Experiment with Glamour Dust—use in constellations, possibly.

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