25 June 2008, later

A catalog of what I’ve done since I came home last Thursday afternoon:

–partially decorated one moleskin notebook and figured out, finally, how to adhere the delicate laser-cut Chinese peacocks and butterflies I got from the craft shop in Wickford last summer—not sure how I’m going to finish the cover though, but maybe A. will have some ideas tomorrow evening

–decorated another moleskin notebook with paper that I like, a green river scene rather Shakespearean in feel—this is a self-indulgent project because I just like the paper and have no desire to do anything to it, nor am I going to make myself do so! Got glue on the inside back cover that showed, so tonight I had to glue a further bit over the flap to hide that, but I’m pleased I did so because I think it looks good and I got to use more of the paper. It’s funny how following the path of cleaning up after one’s accidents often leads you to places you could have never arrived at intentionally if you’d planned it out.

–Used a template from Memory Depot to make four little trifold gift enclosures. One is on embossed silver paper and needs no further decoration; two are on black cardstock; one is on pink cardstock. Now I can muse on how to decorate the black cardstock and the pink. I think I will use a black one to enlose the glass bee marbles for Brian, so perhaps bees and flowers somehow, or just bees; maybe tall grass with bees among the grasses . . . Pink stumps me. I’ll sleep on it. But these will be fun little things to decorate and try out techniques on.

–Tonight I generally followed instructions on a MagentaStyle project. I stamped the seashells with clear embossing ink on white cardstock and embossed with Ranger Seafoam White. I did this twice. Then I colored one set of seashells (four on a stamp) with Twinkling H2Os in Sky Blue and Moss Agate and the other set with English Lavender and Blushing Rose (with a small touch of Moss Agate on each one since I started to dab that on the second set before I remembered that I wanted to try another color combination on that set—accidents again). Now I want to put them behind slides, but alas, my 2” square Memory Glass is frosted, and I want clear. Perhaps tomorrow I can grab some. Then I must decide how to edge them (frames? Foil tape? Silver best choice, right?) and whether to add any hangars to them, or attach all to one thing (or to each other) for hanging.

I guess that’s not too bad for five days. It’s been fun.

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