Hello and welcome to my Studio!

Bird Sings to the Sun

Bird Sings to the Sun
acrylic on Claybord art panel

Here you will find blog posts about what I’m working on, what I’ve completed, and occasional thoughts on inspiration and creativity.

My shop contains those items I thought might bring someone else a bit of joy.

On a quarterly basis I send out a newsletter highlighting the new items in my shop, which change with the time of year.  You can sign up to receive it via e-mail, and I guarantee you’ll get a maximum of eight e-mails a year from me (four newsletters and at most four announcements of making-room sales before new items go up for the next quarter).

If you like what you see or purchase, please Like me over at my Facebook Page.  That also will be the best way to keep informed about new items I add to the shop between newsletter distributions.


Making things–witnessing and participating in the act of transformation–delights me, and every time I finish something it is with a fresh sense of discovery, and, quite frankly, astonishment.  Keeping that awareness of wonder alive is a large part of why I spend my time doing this.

I like using beautiful things for everyday purposes.  Life is beautiful, every day.  There’s no sense in storing away the wonder and taking it out to admire only every few months.  Celebrate on a daily basis!

2 Responses to

  1. Linda Kosar says:

    I was given some cards by Tim last year that you created and I noticed on the back the name of your studio and came to browse. I just love your immense talent in every aspect of your personality…….
    Love, Linda

  2. LEAH KARL says:

    Elizabeth, your descrptive prose is exquisite! I anticipate all of your creative offerings.
    Love, Leah

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